“What I found is structure,” he told Elle in 2014 of his sobriety. That summer, the British actor recalled deciding to try Dry January after enjoying a boozy 2021 holiday season. “I stopped consuming any mind-altering substances when I was 19 years old. And I’ve been abstinent since then,” he told The Guardian in 2013. Rumer Willis never picked a drink back up after starting dry January several years ago.

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She has addressed her ongoing recovery in interviews, on social media, and in her music. Anyone can develop mental health and Substance Use Disorders (SUD), regardless of age, race, or background. Celebrities, too, must often battle co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders – sometimes made worse by the spotlight. Moreover, drugs and alcohol can aggravate symptoms of depression, mania, anxiety, paranoia, and more. Below are 10 celebrities who have struggled to maintain positive mental health while also struggling with substance abuse. At Resurgence, we offer inpatient treatment, outpatient rehab, dual diagnosis treatment plans, drug and alcohol detox, and sober living services.

Celebrities Who Battled Addiction and Won

Ben Affleck is an American actor known for his roles in comedies and action films. One of his recent films, The Accountant, became quite popular and maintains good reviews. While Affleck has been successful throughout his acting career, he’s struggled with alcoholism and substance abuse for many years. Macklemore started to struggle with addiction when he was only 15.

  • It’s arguable that affluent celebrities have greater access to some kinds of addictive substances, and there is an undeniable connection between accessibility and addiction.
  • Known for his acting roles in famous movies, like Shaft, it is hard to imagine Samuel L. Jackson as anything but a poised and polished star.
  • She initially kept her journey into recovery from alcohol a private matter, until she was about two years sober.
  • Because of her status as a budding artist at Combs’ label, she stayed in the relationship because she was fearful of retaliation in her career.

Click through our slideshow of celebrities who’ve struggled with drug and alcohol addictions — and don’t ever be afraid to reach out for help. Drew Barrymore is among the many celebrities affected by alcohol addiction, with her substance misuse beginning in early childhood. http://mp3journey.ru/slushat-klip-tell-me/ Over the years, she has discussed her struggles with drinking and how she turned to it as a child actor, attending Hollywood parties with her mother at just nine years old. At eleven, Barrymore developed an alcohol addiction that spiraled into years of substance use issues.

Celebrities Who Struggled With Alcoholism and Found Recovery

This helpline is answered by Ark Behavioral Health, an addiction treatment provider with treatment facilities in Massachusetts and Ohio. Known for his acting roles in famous movies, like Shaft, it is hard to imagine Samuel L. Jackson as anything but a poised and polished star. Alcohol abuse in celebrities isn’t an easy subject for him to discuss. Kim Kardashian West is an American actress and media personality who is one of the most successful women in the United States. Her massive net worth and beauty help her stand out from others and she has a cult following on social media.

A performing artist on drugs is often young, immature, and likely to make stupid decisions. Unlike dancers and athletes, musicians do not need to be in peak health to perform. Finally, life on the road can be incredibly lonely with many hangers-on http://edartsamara.ru/link.php?rz=razve but no real solid personal connections. Were his words during an interview when looking back at his drug use. He spoke of how much drug use made him feel invincible, which led him to do very risky things, despite the potential health problems.

Drug Rehab for Creative People: Interventions for Celebrities on Drugs

Downey Jr.’s lesson to people who struggle with alcoholism and addiction is to speak with loved ones, find a support group, and go to rehab. In this day and age, it sometimes seems like we know more about celebrity lifestyles https://www.derevodom.com/house-construction/show_1203.html than we do about, say, a neighbor or extended family member. The increased visibility and resulting public scrutiny that famous people are subjected to certainly shines a spotlight on even their most mundane activities.

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